Thursday, March 6, 2014

And the Oscar Goes To . . .

In honor of Sunday's Academy Awards, I want to use the emotional and poignant speeches of a few winners for this week's post.  These are people who've worked very hard at their craft and have put it a large amount of effort to get where they are.  Some are more well known than others and some have been working at this longer than others.  However, they all have made something amazing happen and have been recognized by their industry for their work.  I take this as inspiration and hope you do, too.

Lupita Nyog'o is more or less a newcomer to the film industry.  When she affirmed that "no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid" she was talking to every one of you who takes the time to read this blog and so many who don't.  How does she know? She knows because it happened to her.  What she has done would make one think she is an overnight sensation.  Sensational she most definitely is, but it didn't happen overnight.  She has a degree in film and theater studies and a masters degree in acting from Yale School of Drama.  She worked to make this happen.

Jared Leto also worked to make things happen.  He, too, attended schools for the arts and spent time honing his craft.  Becoming good at something takes an investment of many hours and multitudes of energy.  He was encouraged by his mother, as many of you are, using her support as his strength. Televisions shows, independent films, blockbusters all are in his repertoire.  He's portrayed many types of characters, demonstrating range and adaptability, both of which can be helpful in many fields, not just acting.

We all know Matthew McConaughey and we know he has been acting for a while.  He is another example of an actor who worked years for the type of acknowledgement he received Sunday night.  Many films and many characters.  He also acknowledged his support -- his family.  Family can be important as you enter this very different and very challenging phase of your life (and beyond).  Family can often be the source of strength and when they have your back, you know it.  Use family to help you grow and succeed.

So the moral of this story is to recognize your talent, put in the time, and the rewards will come.  For some, they come faster than others.  For some, the reward is knowing that you've done your absolute best and are proud of your performance.  That goes for actors .  . . and students.

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