Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Major? It's . . .

A couple of attendees at this evening's workshop were undeclared students.  One is beginning college in the fall and the other is a rising high school senior, but they are both in the same boat.  They are clear about the need for higher education, but don't know which major they should choose.

Take it from someone whose major was essentially chosen for her, find and follow your passion.  When you are working on/toward something you love it is easier to stay focused when it gets tough.  If you don't know exactly what you love or what you're good at there are resources to help you.  Every campus has counseling services (or the high school guidance counselor) who can administer what's called a career assessment.  This "test" asks a series of questions to find out where your personality and interests meet your strengths and talents.

So if you're not sure what college major to choose, don't worry.  There are people who can help you if you know where they are.  And now you know.