Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where Are You Now?

Believe it or not, the semester is actually getting ready to wind down.  It feels like you just got back from spring break, and that actually is the case for many of you, but there honestly aren't very many weeks left before the semester is over and you are officially no longer a college freshman!

However, right now you are a freshman and in the throws of a second semester that you all are experiencing with varying degrees of success.  We are all works in progress and it helps to periodically take stock of where you are and think about what is working and what needs to change.  Time and time again I see first year students who are overwhelmed, dazed and confused, or just unsure about what to do.  Have confidence, but be realistic about where you stand academically and what options you have for the remainder of the semester and the summer.

What did your mid-term exams and papers look like?  Do you feel as though you've learned content and grown as a student this semester?  Are you employing good study habits and not doing the same things you did in your former life (i.e. high school habits)?  Have you received any decisions from your summer applications?  Is summer school in your immediate future?  Be real.

Think about it and change what you can to do what you can for the next few weeks.  Hopefully you can at least say you are growing, regardless of whether or not your grades show it.  I personally believe it is sometimes possible for someone's grades not to reflect their improvement.  However, your transcript is usually what people see first and they have no reason to dig deeper if you can't impress them.

So, do more.  Study harder and smarter.  Use your resources.  And check in with me later.