Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Semester Finish

It's Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for.  It may not seem like it for some of us, but we've made it. For better or worse .  . . hopefully better, the first semester of college is nearly over.  Regardless of  your academic performance, there have been lessons to learn.  Most freshman students don't hit the ground running, although sometimes it feels as though you're expected to know it all.  So it may take a few weeks, or an entire semester, to figure out what works.

As you go into the last days of class and final examinations, try to stay strong.  Know that cramming isn't the same as learning over the course of the semester, but keep working.  As an educator I encourage you to work on understanding concepts and submitting quality work, not just getting it done.  Use the resources on your campus to help you create an action plan or work through moments of uncertainty.  The writing center, your academic advisor, study groups, or even the counseling center.  Finishing strong is possible and you can do it.