Thursday, February 4, 2016

College is a Balancing Act

Second semester is in full swing and it hopefully is just a little bit better than the fall.  Regardless of your fall experience, I hope that you are striving to push yourself.  As a bona fide "older person" that's my goal - to be a little better and do a little more each year.  It's called growth.

In order to grow, you have to reflect.  Not necessarily to live in the past, but to learn from the past.  So although it's February, I hope you took some time to reflect on our first semester in college.  Look at the things I suggest at the beginning of each year: how you spend your time (time management), when and how to study (study skills/strategies), and accountability (ownership).

You all know I'm a proponent of being honest with yourself, so here we go.  Be honest and real and determine where you were on track and where you could improve.  Your grades are an indicator of where to start.  Let's say you happen to have a 4.0, then your academic game is on point, you just have to maintain there.  You can check out your student org involvement and any other recreational activities.  

Being successful in college is about balance.  There are so many facets of college life and you should enjoy all of them.  Keep it all in perspective.  Earn the right to play hard by working hard.  Keep or build a strong academic game.  Then, reward yourself for a strong academic game by having fun.