Monday, September 24, 2012

A Different World . . . That You Can Navigate

So you've been in college at 4-5 weeks, depending on your institution.  If you're a new college freshman/fist-year student then you're navigating new territory.  Perhaps you have classes that feel familiar, perhaps not.  Either way, there are methods and strategies for success.

If you're not enrolled in a freshman seminar that requires this, take an assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  Know when you study best, how you learn best, and the strategies that work for you.  Prepare for class, arrive on time -- if not early, take notes, ask good questions, review your notes, and start assignments in advance of the night before.  If you can, get a good night's rest.  It's imperative to being alert in class and keeping your immune system strong.

Stay tuned and keep me posted.