Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's February One and . . .

Today is the beginning of both Black History and Women’s Heart Health Months.  Both are very important, so it’s important that we all understand as much as possible about both.  Being African-American and female isn’t my motivation for wanting us to all be more educated. However, the experiences of being both may make me more open to understanding others and how regardless of our differences, we are all connected in some way.

That understanding isn’t always necessarily academic and this blog is.  So with that let’s talk about how it is also very important that our first-year college students implement their plans for a successful spring semester and our graduating seniors implement their plans for successfully completing high school and being accepted to college.  Plan, what plan? you ask.   Yes, it’s important to plan.  Often times you can get lucky or someone else can make things happen for you, but that is really the exception, not the rule.  So let’s get to it.

If you’re graduating from high school, finish strong.  Don’t slack off once you get accepted (and awarded scholarships) to college.  See it through and try really hard not to have “senioritis.”  It’s very easy to get distracted by all things graduating senior, but make sure you keep doing what works.  At commencement, look back with no regrets. 

If you’re a first-year college student, learn from the lessons of last semester.  Try new study strategies and use all the resources at your institution.  Tutors, writing centers, and office hours are all available to help you better understand.  Use them.  Ask questions.  Understand concepts.  Push yourself.  Nobody knows everything when they begin college . . . otherwise why go?