Thursday, March 13, 2014

Planning to Succeed

How is your semester and/or freshman year plan coming along?  Are things happening the way you imagined or does it feel like curve balls are being thrown at you?  The more you can establish a routine and work with your time management plan, the fewer curve balls you'll get.  By no means am I saying you won't have any curve balls, but the ones you get will be more manageable if you have a handle on other classes.

As a freshman student, you are fulfilling general education requirements and perhaps one or two major requirements each semester. The same way every student is different, every major is different, but there should be at least one course each semester that doesn't push you to your intellectual limits, leaving room for you to put more effort into the more challenging ones.  Take advantage of that balance now because no matter what your major, at some point you will have a semester with several challenging courses and find yourself studying hard all the time.

I've said it once and I say it again, many times your GPA and transcript aren't a reflection of your intellect so much as they are a reflection of the decisions you make.  You have 7-8 more weeks to make work on making your plan happen.  Make good decisions (studying before you go out, getting up and going to class etc.) and you'll have fewer regrets in May.

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