Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starting Fresh

You're two to three weeks into the semester and you're facing a new set of courses and a new set of challenges.  Last semester was a learning experience in terms of both content and the college experience, and you got schooled.  So now what?

Every semester is an opportunity to be better than the semester before.  College can be hard, but it is definitely possible to succeed, with the right tools and attitude.  Look back at where you were in September of last year and what would you go back and tell yourself if you could talk to September you?  Tell yourself and take your own advice.  Did you study too little?  Too much?  Did you balance your academic life with social and personal activities?  Did you find a way to process stress?  Did you use the resources and student services offered by your department or program?

Whatever it is, identify what you did well and what needs improvement.  Be honest and real.  Then, actually improve it. Try it and let me know how you're doing.

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